Creating a new color mixing chart

Been awhile, I do apologize. A short time ago I inherited some watercolors, which I am just now getting around to making a chart for. I love making these, especially when I am using colors and brands that I am not familiar with. In this case, the brands are; Grumbacher, Van Gogh, and Winsor & Newton. Until now my go to watercolors have been M Graham.

That is twenty-nine different colors, plus Chinese white and titanium white, and in the twenty-nine there are two viridians (one Van Gogh and the other a Grumbacher)

The first part is a bit tedious, you have to figure out how big you can make the squares. In making the straight color chart for my Koi travel kit, I could keep it small since it only had the twelve colors and I was not mixing them.

I originally was going to include the two whites so that there would be an example of how they mixed with the others. Obviously, I forgot to change the grid to accommodate the smaller number. Partway through putting the names on the chart, boredom got the better of me and I started working right to left, hence why there is a gap of two spaces. Also, when writing the colors, I prefixed them with initials for the brand in question.

Finally it was time to paint, I decided to apply the straight color first, starting fairly solid at the top of those boxes, then becoming a gradient. While applying the colors I discovered that the perylene green's cap refused to come off and raw sienna was dried out. I am working to revive the raw sienna and I will have to cut open the green.

Now, in addition to the straight colors, I have alizarin crimson's row and column taken care of. Everything to the left of that diagonal line is not very watered down and to the right is quite watery. The raw sienna is reviving nicely and I slit the perylene green so as to get that on the chart. I really like the veridian and alizarin combination, it may be my new favorite way to mix black. The previous was ultramarine blue and burnt umber.

I am giving it a rest for now, I will finish it before the June is over. Any comments, questions or concerns? Please let me know, as well as any different you know to mix black. Thanks a lot!

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