A Solid Saturday of Sketching

     Today was the April sketch crawl at Huguenot Park. It was a fun destination, with some great spots to sketch, it did have an entry fee of five dollars per car. My lesson for the day is to do more research before settling on a place to meet. Maybe if we go again, we can make a day of it. Enough of this, on with the sketching.

     There was a boy playing at the water's edge. Actually there were two but I was only quick enough to catch him. It was a nice start that have me the confidence to work in color next.

     Into my watercolor sketch book, I really tried to capture the elements here; sand, water and the tall grass. Again, I was using my koi field sketch kit. It was fun playing with the colors, trying to emulate the local color. The sun was beating down, I'd forgotten to apply sunscreen earlier. I decided to switch back to illustration for the next.

     There was a spot beyond the near distant dunes that cars were driving to. I figured I should illustrate it while it held my interest. Later I discovered it let to a beach you could park on. Apologies, this was my first experience with this sort of thing. 

     I am sure to return sometime, and there will be more art to be made there. Take care, catch you all later.

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